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NEW RELEASE — Energy Solutions report finds that increasing the number of electric vehicle capable parking spaces at new buildings and adding EV capable parking spaces to existing buildings when undergoing certain additions and alterations helps the state reach its zero-emission vehicle and charging infrastructure goals faster and more economically.

Oct. 2019

The report estimates the costs associated with adding EV capable parking spaces in nonresidential buildings during new construction, certain alterations and additions, and retrofit projects. The cost analysis modeling results show that installing EV capable parking spaces in stand-alone retrofits is typically 4 to 6 times more expensive than installing EV capable parking spaces during new construction or when making alterations and additions to existing buildings.

ICF Report Finds Battery-Electric Technologies Provide Largest Opportunity for Greenhouse Gas and Criteria Pollutant Emission Reductions

Dec. 2018

Medium-and heavy-duty battery electric vehicle technologies are advancing quickly, the overall cost of these technologies is decreasing, and battery-electric technologies have lower operation, maintenance, and fuel costs compared to conventionally-fueled vehicles.

EERA report finds significant economic benefits to the nation and regions from electrification of transportation-related medium and heavy-duty technologies.

May. 2018

The displacement of petroleum by electricity—and the resulting fuel savings that gets reinvested in the US economy—can have significant, positive macroeconomic benefits. These results apply not only to the nation, but also to states and regions that invest in these technologies.

CalETC Events at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show

Jan. 2018

CalETC hosted two events during the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, on November 29th and December 1st. Eileen Wenger Tutt of CalETC and Reverend Dr. Charles Dorsey of the COR Community Development Corporation brought together government, industry, policy, and faith leaders this year to discuss how we can best collaborate to accelerate the market for electric cars in Southern California.

Veloz Oct 30

RT @LetsVeloz: The registration deadline for Veloz's Nov. 6 forum in Los Angeles is tomorrow Oct. 31! Schedule a break from the Trick or Tr…

Haig Kartounian💡 Oct 30

RT @SCE_HaigK: Interested in funding 💲 for #cleantransit, school, and shuttle buses 🔌🚍🚌? Apply for the @VW Mitigation Trust Fund for Zero-E…

Ford Motor Company Oct 24

RT @Ford: 11.17.19 | Mark your calendar. 📆 The Mustang-inspired all-electric SUV is coming. #ElectricAndUntamed

CalETC Oct 23

Access the Energy Solutions cost analysis report on EV capability for new and existing construction, sponsored by…

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