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CalETC hosted two events during the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, on November 29th and December 1st. Eileen Wenger Tutt of CalETC and Reverend Dr. Charles Dorsey of the COR Community Development Corporation brought together government, industry, policy, and faith leaders this year to discuss how we can best collaborate to accelerate the market for electric cars in Southern California.

During these events, CalETC launched the Prove It! Campaign.

The Prove It! Campaign collects insights and experiences of first-time electric car drivers in the greater Los Angeles area, with the goal of educating drivers and giving each participant the opportunity to drive an electric car for a week. The Prove It! Campaign is intended to provide the faith community with an opportunity to drive electric, but also allows CalETC to gather insights and learn from participants as they create video diaries of the experience. Together with the faith community, CalETC hopes to bring the environmental and economic benefits of driving electric to a more diverse, representative group of southern California drivers.

Pastor Najuma Smith-Pollard and Pastor Hosea Collins were selected as the first two drivers of the Campaign and each drove a plug-in electric car for seven days. Pastor Smith-Pollard drove the Chrysler Pacifica Plug-In Hybrid Minivan and Pastor Collins drove the Chevrolet Bolt EV. These two faith leaders documented their impressions and insights through self-made video diaries. A short compilation of their video diaries premiered at the CalETC 2017 LA Auto Show events, and can be viewed below.

During CalETC’s events at the 2017 LA Auto Show, we convened faith community leaders, government officials, and industry leaders to participate in thoughtful dialogue about the current electric car market and challenges still facing that market. The group focused principally on the environmental and economic challenges of many in southern California, and the role electric cars may play in addressing some of these challenges. We concluded with a commitment to continue our work together, grow our understanding of issues discussed, and bring the electric car driving experience to a more diverse, representative group of drivers.

To see a full list of the distinguished participants who attended CalETC’s 2017 events, please click here.

Both events were sponsored by Chevrolet, Nissan, Toyota, South Coast Air Quality Management District, Southern California Edison, and Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.



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